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Are you looking for some new authors and creatives to explore? We have compiled a list of talented individuals who are sure to captivate your imagination. From bestselling authors to up-and-coming writers, there is something for everyone.

Julia Goldhirsh (They/He) - Amy's Rebellion

I was twelve the first time I killed a man. After the war, I was driven to the human world by a vengeful leader. My only chance at survival? Run. With the help of a genderfluid shifter, I learned to hide in plain sight and harness the powers within, but my luck soon ran out. This time, she captured my sister and sent an assassin after me. Running is no longer an option. If I want to live, I have to fight. But how do you defeat the same power that turned your clan to ash?

You build an army and start a rebellion.

If you like LGBTQ representation, expansive magic worlds, and enemies-to-lovers romances you’ll love the first book in the Gemstone Massacre series. Buy Amy’s Rebellion today!

a woman in a black leather jacket and leather jacket with a purple and black jacketa woman in a black leather jacket and leather jacket with a purple and black jacket
a woman in a white dress with a white dressa woman in a white dress with a white dress
Stephanie Kline (She/Her) - Vanish

Between the faces in the ice and the voices in the wind...I'm starting to think I'm losing it. The end of high school is supposed to be full of photos, laughs, fun, drunken parties, college shopping, and excitement. But mine... well it's looking more and more like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries every single day. If Unsolved Mysteries had faces in ice walls and strange otherworldly clues. One day I'm moving forward, playing video games with Ethan, surviving the animalistic ritual of senior prom, and the next day I'm sitting alone in silence, wondering how two people could just disappear into thin air. I dream about their faces, I feel my parents near, but no one can find them. But for me, this is no normal case-closed vanishing act. The further I search the weirder it gets, and something in the back of my mind is telling me fear is a good thing to have. Will that fear lead to my parents?

★Or will it twist my world until there's nothing left? ★

a book with a magnifying glass over a sealed gate with blood spattera book with a magnifying glass over a sealed gate with blood spatter
Killian Rivera (He/They) - Murderous Margins

The small town of Havenridge is home to a close-knit community with a dark secret. The town is known for its quaint bookstore, Haven Books, which is the only place where people can find books that are banned in other parts of the country. But when the bookstore's owner is found dead by Xander Rodriguez, Havenridge's residents are forced to confront the truths they'd rather keep hidden. Xander must prove their own innocence and stay alive while tracking the real killer.

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